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Thread: What the hell is samba/SMB

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    Exclamation What the hell is samba/SMB

    I noticed in alot of emulators it says there are like network settings or samba or somthing... what the heck are these things.and how would i configure it to work?

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    In simplest terms it's sharing files over a network connection. Usually it's something like \\computername\sharename\path\to\share. (which is stored on a hard drive on another computer)

    SMB/Samba/CIFS all have their distinctions, but generally when you see them you're talking about windows shares (or non windows shares trying to maintain compatibility with windows shares). In windows you can right click on a folder and if you pick something like "share with" or "share this folder" than that is what that wizard will result in (a new network share).

    In terms of emulators it means that that particular emulator lets your spawn games off of a network share. That can be very convenient if you're on a windows network and have enough knowledge to manage shares.

    You have to be careful with shares though because if you don't secure shares properly, you could be opening up your personal data to anyone on your network (or anyone who compromises your network).

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    Is this available with any USB Loader that ou know of?

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    Nope. You're not the first one to ask that, I wish there was one, but for now you're stuck with a hd connected to the wii. Emulators are still running when you launch a game, so they have more control of the environment (game is running "inside" the emulator program). USB Loaders completely unload as they load the game, so they now out of the picture once the game launches.

    To my limited knowledge it seems technically possible. I read that the tcp/ip stack is available to the IOS, so seems like an IOS could be made to use that just as they made IOS's to read usb 1, then updated them for usb 2. Of course performance is a concern, always part of these discussions, but personally i think it could "work" however slow it may or may not be. Funny thing is, I've never been able to find anything concrete proving or disproving any of this (all just talk and speculation). Considering the fact that it hasn't been done, there is probably something that i'm not aware of that makes it not as easy as I just made it sound.
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