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Thread: Wii Noob Update scares

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    Us Wii Noob Update scares

    Ok I am new to this whole thing, so please be gentle with the flaming. I have a Soft modded Wii already (yes I had someone do it for me). It is an older Wii with 4.3E os. I have read the tutorials and all of the supporting posts, however I am now more confused on how to update everything I need to run the most current games. Some of the more recent games will not run and are asking me to update the OS (which will either brick/or wipe my Soft mod I understand). I also was wondering what is the best USB loader to use? I am currently using an unknown version of the USB loader Gx ( I have been told that that loader in not the best). Please any help breaking down barney style the updating process and what i actually need and do not need would greatly be appreciated, I am totally scared to brick the hell out of my Wii. If I have left any pertinent information out please let me know where/who ot locate it and I can most defiantly provide it.

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    Follow the softmod any wii guide step by step and you'll be fine.
    Usb loaders are a matter of personal preference. I use the latest
    version of GX, and I have no problems with it.

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    I have ready that guide and I am confused on what steps to do and what ones not to do (that is what is not clicking with me). do I only do step one and not the rest or do I do all 4 steps? And how do you get the Gx to update?

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    I gues what I am really trying to findout is what will allow me to play the newer games? the loader or the cISO? Which would I need to update to play the newer games. Also a little off topic but Can you backup GC games and use the HDD for it?


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