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Thread: Trouble using Wii Game Manager

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    Question Trouble using Wii Game Manager

    I was wondering...If I have a game in [WBFS] format, do I open a .WBFS file and then convert it to a .iso file with sub directories (gameid.iso) while transferring it to my Wii HDD? (Is there a guide explaining this?)
    Also, I had a .iso file that was about 1.09 GB in true size (scrubbed), but was being read as 8.75 GB, should I split the file even though I know it's smaller than whats being read by my PC?
    Note: This is using Wii Game Manager of course. I'm moving games over to my WBFS folder.

    Thanks for any and all help on this.

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    Thanks playerkp420.
    Don't think anyone could of summed up an answer to my question as quickly & as efficiently.


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