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Thread: wii won't detect WAP when either USB slot is used, anyone knows why?

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    wii won't detect WAP when either USB slot is used, anyone knows why?

    I've just set up a wireless router, and the wii detects the WAP, and I could surf the net with it.
    But when the USB slot is plugged with a hard drive, it won't connect online at all, so I tried the connection test on the wii setting, it failed.

    With the USB hard drive still attached, I made a new wireless connection, chose search for WAP, it doesn't detect it.
    So, I tried unplugging the USB hard drive and tried detecting WAP did the wireless connection test, and it works.

    To sum it up, when either USB slot is plugged with a device, the wii loses its ability to detect WAP and cant go online.

    Anyone has experience on this? I couldn't seem to find any answer around.
    thank you in advanced!

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    Im assuming you had used a wired connection in the past? If so, make sure you go back into the settings and clear any existing wired configurations.

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