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Thread: Guitar hero WOR GHWT update help

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    Guitar hero WOR GHWT update help

    Hi everyone, I'll cut right to it:
    I have an Australian wii (PAL) and my dad bought me the American version (NTSC) of Guitar Hero: Warrioirs of Rock.
    So naturally I softmodded my wii to make it work, and it does, almost flawlessly, I got everything working, game, shop, imported songs.
    The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the free GHWT update (both, regular and v2) and everything is legit, the thing that annoys me most is that i bought Ready to Fall by Rise Against and it just won't play because I need the update, I tried everything, download to wii, to sd, with v2 without v2, v2 only. Nothing.
    I've been searching for it for 2 weeks and I looked everywhere, this forum, google, other forums.. Nothing at all...
    Please help me, I'll appreciate it!

    P.S I'm a noob, I don't really fiddle much with software, but I am very, VERY good at following instructions =)

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    No one's got a clue?

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    From everything that I have seen, updates of this type only work when the region of the game and the console are the same. Unless you feel like changing the region of your console and shop channel, I think you may be out of luck. There are no guarantees it will even work then as I have never tried it with that game. I know it works for COD, but as for other games I cant say. Sorry we haven't been able to provide a simple solution as of yet...


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