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Thread: usb loader gx can play my back up

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    usb loader gx can play my back up

    hello out there,

    is there a specific reason why when i go to launch a backup of a game i already installed with usb loader gx, it takes me back to the wii menu, instead of launchung the game?

    any help would be appreciated


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    What game do you have? And what region is it? Also, which system menu is your wii on? Are you USB loading?

    Is your loader updated to the latest version? Do you have good cIOSs that allow you to play other games?

    Sorry about all the questions, but you need to be more specific.

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    oh sorry , not a problem my wii is running on system menu 4.3, and i have cIOSs 249, 222 ? (to be honest im not entirely sure, how can i find out what i have and what i need?).

    the game is Zelda : Skyward Sword. i downloaded it from a hard copy of the game and it seemed to work until i tried to launch it.

    For the rest of your questions, i will just say i dont know

    Id really appreciate your help isoguy, if you have the time.

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    ok...would it help if i posted a system check?

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    Yes - a system check would reveal what cIOSs you have installed (although I'm not that good at interpreting them - maybe someone else will help!).

    What I meant by "are you USB loading" is if you have your game burnt to a disc or if it is on a USB/HDD plugged into the back of the wii. I would recommend USB loading - you should try that if you are not doing it already.

    Do you know what app you are launching from the homebrew channel?

    I'll try to help you but I just need a little more info lol...

    Although you gave me a lot of info before - thanks for that!

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    There are many reasons why a loader might do this. The first and most common would be the cIOS that the game is running from. Post a syscheck, referring to the system check guide in my signature. Use the latest revision of syscheck, as it will show a lot of detailed info that will help in resolving your issue.


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