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Thread: About too mod my wii, questions , please advise

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    About too mod my wii, questions , please advise

    well im about to softmod my wii using

    i got my sd card, original games, and dvd-r disks, and of course my wii

    but just a few questions before i start. what are the chances of bricking my wii? is there a way to uninstall teh softmod after?

    IMPORTANT: Also, ive had my wii softmodded before, but only for the homebrew channel and emulators. never used neo gammer. Im not sure if the software is still on my hdd though. any tips , so i dont brick or **** my wii?

    im running on 4.3 by the way.


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    Sorry for the late reply, your post was Moderated.

    Anyway, If you follow the the guide you have linked to step by step,
    the chances of bricking are very, very low. Infact, there's more chance
    of bricking your Wii by trying to remove the softmod lol.

    Not all Wii's can play backup games from disc, most Wii's bought from approx September 2009
    onwards, can not play backups from disc. USB Loading is far superior, so I suggest you go that route
    to play your backups.

    And start the guide from where it says "Softmods with the Homebrew channel already installed".


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