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Thread: Wii Flow Not downloading to external harddrive

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    Wii Flow Not downloading to external harddrive

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum and new to soft modding. This is a wonderful forum by the way!

    I have a wii that a friend of a friend modded. After two years of using it the kids put in a new game and upgraded it. Lost all games and GX Loader would flip you back to the main wii menu. I am not tech savvy at all but I have managed to get everything reloaded minus the games. (I am shocked at my ability to do this and I would never be able to do this again)

    I have Wiiflow on it and that loads and says that the hard drive is empty (which it is) and it asks if I would like to insert a disc. I insert a game and hit load. Wiiflow goes to the progress screen and says the name of the game is loading but it just sits there. I have tried two diff games. I'm using a Western Digital 1tb HD and the only way I can format it is NTFS. This is the same HD as before it was upgraded. Under Wiiflow settings "partition" (I believe) it does identify the HD because it says "NTFS". I have truly gone from forum to blog to forum. Following all different directions, uninstalling and installing to get to this point. If you have answers for me, you probably have to talk to me like a 2yr old because I really am not a technical person! Thank you!!
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    I broke down your wall of text a bit. I hope you don't mind.
    I recommend that you use or softmod any wii guide. That should fix everything and if not, let us know!
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