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Thread: Connecting Wii and laptop to HDD

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    Connecting Wii and laptop to HDD

    I searched around and don't know if this is possible but... is there an easy way to load stuff to my HDD via my laptop while it's still connected to the wii? I bought a manual USB switch but read after it doesn't work. I love using both WiiMC and Wiiflow, but it's a PITA to disconnect the HDD from the wii and plug it into my laptop everytime I want to transfer some WBS, movies, music, etc.

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    WiiXplorer has a ftp server built in, so you can leave it connected and just FTP to your wii's hard drive. WiiMC has the ability to read from network locations, so if you could keep those off the hard drive, it would only be wbfs that you have to worry about. Otherwise, i think you're out of luck.


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