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Thread: Cant install WAD files: error mounting device SD - Please help?

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    Cant install WAD files: error mounting device SD - Please help?

    Hello all!

    Can anyone help me with this issue in MMM?

    Im trying to unlock my Wii with ModMii and I am following the ModMii guide. But at certain point it says that I need to use MMM to install the wad files, so I installed the IOS236 and when I try to use the MMM option called "Wad Manager" its says: error mounting device SD and then "Please select a storage device <Wii SD slot>: press A to mount, B to return, D-PAD to change". So I select "A" and the message "error mounting device SD" appears again and nothing more happens.

    I already tried to reinstall the IOS236 (Using IOS236 Installer method and also using Simple IOS Patcher method), formatted my SD (FAT and FAT32), but without success. Also, the SD card is non-SDHC with 1GB.

    Any tip?

    Thanks a lot.

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    You should ask this question in the guide.

    Personally I suggest the softmod any wii guide that is linked in my signature.


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