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Thread: Is the Wii the best game console ever?

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    Is the Wii the best game console ever?

    Is the Wii the best game console ever?

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    Way too early to make that call. Right now, I would have to go with the original NES or Playstation 2.

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    It depends on what types of games you like. If you like fun, party games, then it is probably the system for you but if you like fast paced online FPS' then its probably not you 1st choice.

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    In a short answer? No.


    Because the Wii's technology inside is weaker than its opponents to be blunt.

    Yes, the Wii has the "revolutionary" controller scheme that allows for motion sensing, and while fun, it is a gimmick that won't last forever.

    Nintendo is also having a problem with third party games right now, but then again they always have.

    The third party developers are putting their weaker design teams on Wii games, because they

    A. Don't believe that consumers will buy enough copies, so why spend so much money making a game?

    B. Need their stronger teams for more complicated and supreme consoles (PC, XBOX360, PS3)

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Wii, but its time will be short lived.

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    The Nintendo Wii is coming out with better games at launch than the 360 and PS3 but it is still to be seen if there will be online since that was suppose to be out March 07 and outside of Pokemon there will not be one this year it will take time to see if they are able to get some good games and shooters.

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    The dude above saying this gimmick "won't last forever" ?!!?!? What a doofus. Nintendo will only improve this technology as it is not as precise as it should be. The Wii is a party console. Your friends are meant to come over to play mario party, wario ware (multiplayer mode of course), sports, smash brothers..

    though some of those titles are yet to be released, this is their concept. no it's not the best console ever, but it's the best one when friends are over.

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    one of them

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    If you take the time to compare the 360 PS3 and Wii you'll find that Wii is the best

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    Yes it is. It is interactive and fun.

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