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Thread: Wii Fit System Update on modded wiikey 2 + ntsc + downgraded firmware 3.2

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    Wii Fit System Update on modded wiikey 2 + ntsc + downgraded firmware 3.2

    This may seem very repetitive and annoying to some, however, I've been doing a lot of researching and trying to find answers to a problem that I have. I recently got the wii ntsc and have installed with wiikey 2 chip, and have also spent the last few days learning how to downgrade to firmware 3.2U. It has been quite successful on the first 2 games I have made, however, I have the purchased retail version of wiifit and when I go to plug it in, it asks me to do a system upgrade. Is this to firmware 3.3U? And if not, will the system update brick my wii? I have a feeling that it will, but I'm not entirely sure. If this is the case, what solution do I need to get around it?

    Again, I'm quite new to this so I've been trying to get my questions answered, unfortunately, I have not found one definitive answer. I would appreciate any advice on how to solve this issue.


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    it is 3.3, and it wont they all say this
    update the chip and block updates
    then install Cios 37, and hope for the best
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    Thanks admiral.

    Without contacting my trusted engineer friend who did the install of my chip, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by wii clip? I have a feeling I already installed cios 37 when doing the twilight princess hack to install homebrew and downgrading the firmware.

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    i said Chip =P

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    lol sorry... its my birthday today... had a few! lol

    We'll I don't have a sd card reader, but planned on getting one tomorrow, so I guess this fix will have to take place tomorrow.

    I take it there has been no real major known issues as you say "hope for the best"?

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    its just problematic

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    So it sounds like the success rate of this fix isn't all this high...

    Is it the only solution?

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    Use the WiiKey 2's configuration screen to block disc updates. I have WiiFit running on a 3.2 softmodded system, no problems.

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    Thanks e3NiN3! I am trying to do that now but it seems that everytime I burn myself a copy of the files, all I get is the blue screen with just the title of "Wiikey Config Disc V1.2"... No options came up. I made a new thread on that here


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