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Thread: previously hacked wii does not do any wii updates-HELP

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    previously hacked wii does not do any wii updates-HELP

    i live in brazil where original videogames are very expensive so i hacked my wii so i can play pirated games, so i visit some family in the states and buy a used wii(non hacked) from gamestop for my friend and buy skyward sword for myself and play it on my friends wii for the time that i spend in the usa. when i come back home to brazil i transfer my save file to my wii so i can give the used nonhacked wii to my friend and i continue my game on my own wii but of course you have to do the wii update so i go ahead and do that but every time i try it gives me an error. i suspect that its the hacked software so i format the wii memory (sacraficing my wii shop channel games such as zelda ocarina and majoras mask) and it still isnt letting me do the wii update. even when i try it through the wii settings it doesnt let me

    what should i do?

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    Wow...well you can start by watching THIS. Then take a look HERE. A lot of reading would do some good in this case. If all of that still didn't make any sense, then look HERE. Thread Closed.


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