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Thread: Help with Wiiware games (Wads)

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    Us Help with Wiiware games (Wads)


    What can be the issue with the wiiware wad that I have or there is an App, ios or something else that I need to be able to play!

    I installed the wiiware ( lost wind ) before and it ran fine but then i Formatted my Wii ( i had some issues with the HBC ) and redo everything but now when I try to install the wad It says: " that one did not completed " and as you know I can not play and even when i want to uninstall the wad it still says : " one did not completed "

    I am using a Mac and I downgraded the Wii from 4.3u to 4.2u

    Could be the issue that I downgraded to 4.2??

    Thanks for your Time and Help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vr13aca View Post

    What can be the issue with the wiiware wad that I have

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    Firstly, don't worry, downgrading will not restrict you from playing certain games.

    Secondly, what wad manager do you use (you should have stated this instead of making it harder for us to answer)?

    If you are using multi mod manager (or another wad manager that has this option) click on "load another IOS" and load 249. Then install the wad.

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    Sorry to be a stick In the eye.... but wiiware wads are illegal and are pirated....

    Case closed

    Cya later pirate!

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