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Thread: Help with loading Roms from my usb stick

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    Question Help with loading Roms from my usb stick

    I recently had the urge to play my old psx games on my wii, so I finally got the ISO file for it and put it on my usb stick, looking like this
    usb:wiisx/isos/ Metal_Gear_Solid_1_disc_1.iso
    /bios/ SCPH1001
    I got the bios for it and put it in the folder for the BIOS. Everything is set up properly, and when I try to select BIOS, i choose usb and it pops up and says error. it loads up from SD card though but my SD card is only 1GB and i use it for other games and HB stuff. btw, 2disc games wont fit on 1 gb
    If i try loading iso from usb, it also says ERROR could not load usb://wiisx/iso .
    the same goes on with my other emulators.(N64, NES, SNES ect.)
    my usb IS FAT32 and is working perfectly with USB Loader GX, WiiFlow, CFG USB Loader)
    is there an IOS im missing?

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    I would post a SYSCHECK but it wont upload 4 some reason... Ill try again later...

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