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Thread: Singing games and USB hubs

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    Singing games and USB hubs

    Hi guys!
    My sister wants to buy a singing game (she didnt tell me which, probably a singing star or something...). The game comes with a usb adaptor that splits in two microphone plugs. I have heard that two microphones in the same usb port donīt enable "competitive" singing in the games. I have also seen games that come with a usb 4 port hub. Would that solve the problem? Or Does it really has to be a microphone plugged in each USB port to enable "competitive" (or whatever it is called)?
    (I never thought the Wii would support usb hubs, i thought it lacked controllers (or the equivalent IOS coding) for it)

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    the usb hub has to be self powered, then no problem.
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    Some usb hubs work and some don't I have 3 only paid 1 pound each for them and 2mics work fine

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