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Thread: Home brew Browser freezes when attempting to DL.

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    Home brew Browser freezes when attempting to DL.

    As the title says, I try to DL something off of the browser app on the wii and it freezes.

    I've LetterBombed my wii, I followed Maui's guide to the TEE, and am using CFG USB Loader. all with System menu 4.1u

    I've looked pretty hard, and have dont find much...

    Hoping one of you guys could help me out...


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    Where is the DL saving to sd or usb? Make sure there is enough free space for what you are adding. Also make sure the little write lock switch is off if using sd.

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    OK, so i just took a look, here's whats going on...

    I'm DLing to the SD card, Write lock is off, and I have almost 3 gig's of space.

    My HDD is a Lacie 500GB (formatted to FAT32)

    I think it started when i started using my HDD, because i can DL covers through CFG with no problems...

    I don't think i'm doing anything different than i was before, I have a spare SD with a recent NAND backup just in case...

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    I've still at a loss... PLEASE HELP!

    Also when i try to post a SYScheck, My wii stack dumps....

    I've turned off NoA updates so it cant auto update through the disk

    I have Dop-Mii, and NUS downloader as well...
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    Yeah, just updated today

    Still does the same thing...

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    I would suggest deleting the entire HBB folder from your sd card and starting over. Maybe it's a prob in the settings, starting over again will make it rewrite the config files.

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    you sir.... are the man
    Listen to these guys, they know what there talking about!


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