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Thread: The Device inserted in to the memory slot cannot be used

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    The Device inserted in to the memory slot cannot be used

    Hey Gang,
    I hope this was the appropriate place, as always I've done my due dilligence and read all I could find before asking...I finally did what I thought was a flawless Mod using ModMii and put the files on a brand new Sandisk 4GB SDHC card that I formatted to NTFS. I popped the card into the SD slot and the dreaded "The Device inserted in to the memory slot cannot be used" came up. Quick background, I did pay a guy several years ago to put Homebrew on this unit, he returned it to my wife when I wasn't home, I found no SD card in it so I assumed he never did the task, however he did load my backup games from my first Wii to the 320 GB External HDD I gave him. When clicking around after the error message I see the games Shrek 3, Wii Sports and WiiFit Plus are on the unit.
    Any ideas where I failed? Reformat to FAT32 perhaps? Does it only work with a 2GB card? I'd simply pull the card from my existing Wii and use it, but that unit is a 4.1, files probably not the same.
    Any help is greatly appreciated, I've spent alot of time on this and finally thought I got it right...
    Thanks so much

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    I would use a 2gb at max...... And use our soft mod guide...... Not modmii.....there is nothing wrong wi modmii just the other guide makes you learn some things

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    You should use fat32. And SDHC can be buggy when modding, which is why we always recommend a standard SD card.

    EDIT: Yeah, what emu said (that big buck makin, quick on the trigger, admin type person) lol

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    Thanks, I was hoping for an answer other than "buy another brand new card on top of the one I just bought especially for this 4 hrs ago". I'll reformat the new card to FAT32 and give it a roll. Not really understanding why a 4 GB card would not work but 2 GB does, just can't see the technical reasons the larger card would fail, smaller I get it, you need adequate space for your files but a 4GB has the same specs as a 2GB minus the extra space. But I defer to your experience Cjizzle and Emu..Thanks
    Yep, it's official CJizzle, you're a certified genius, switched to FAT32 and voila, no more error message, the proggie is loading perfectly...
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    The difference between a 2GB, and a 4GB is that the 2GB is a standard SD card(most compatible with the Wii)
    and the 4GB will be a SDHC card(50%-60% compatibility with the Wii) So 2GB SD cards will always be recommened,
    as they have the best results.

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    Bmarlo is correct, SDHC cards are generally not recommended.

    Just buy an SD card mate

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    I see, well add me into the percentage that works... The second I switched my 4GB SDHC from NTSC back to it's native default FAT32, I had a successfully modded 4.2 Wii with Homebrew Channel and lots of pre-loaded proggies ready to rock. Now I suppose I just need to check if the games on the 320 GB Passport are in the proper format and I should be golden. I doubt the guy I originally paid to Mod it was careful not to add my war games etc to my son's HDD (he's only 6). I will say after looking at the sharp menu and channels it has, it makes me want to tweak my own Wii to mirror this one. This one has like color themes and updated versions of some programs that are long past current on my unit, but I'd be afraid to mess with mine and jack something up so I'll look for the guide to updating an outdated Mod (mine was made in the 4.1 days) Thank you times infinity for solving my problem guys.


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