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Thread: what video game console is a better value for the money?, the Wii, the 360 or

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    what video game console is a better value for the money?, the Wii, the 360 or

    the PS3? I'm speaking in terms of functionality,games,memory formats,ect etc.

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    the ps3 is definitely the worst value for money

    the Wii is the cheapest and most fun.

    but the 360 is the best all-round because it has some good games and good graphics

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    360, PS3 is just waaay to expensive for not that much more power. Wii is fun and cheap but doesnt hold a candle to 360.

    Playstation is going the way of Sega, so stay away.

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    i say the Wii has more bang for your buck. it's cheaper and plays old gamecube games. also if you have wireless internet you can download old nintendo 64 games and super nintendo games. the ps3 has blue ray dvd and works like a computer but it like 700 dollars. and the 360 is also really cool because it has halo on there but thats all. plus the wii is like 250 bucks. so i'd pick the wii. n way better

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    the wii, it offers free games from all of its previous systems

    it has a totaly new controller design you can save stuff into the controller and bring it to other wii and its not just for games you can check the weather, vote on different questions, and talk to other ppl

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    i would have to go with 360, lots of games, good graphics, good online service +Halo 3 and Gears of War

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    ok.. well i have the 360.. love it.. wish there were more games.. then again.. if they did.. i wouldn't have any money left. haha

    wii... better choice of games, cheaper games as well.. as long as u dont accidentally fling ur controller at ur tv and break it.. (i read articles :P) .. im waiting for the next gen of wii to come out b4 i buy it cause of the initial probs. iwth the controller and such.

    ps3.. awesome system.. but from my perspective.. i like the 360 better cause im used to its controller. but from the reviews on the ps3.. critics were disappointed that it took so long to come out so no one was nice... graphics r slightly better on the ps3.. but not to an extent that would justify the delayed release date.

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    ps3 has a lot of memory but burns hols in ur pocket. i would get the 360its cheaper and has more games to choose from.

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    The PS3 is the best value. All of the systems are backwards copatable, so unless you hated the previous system it's a good Idea to get the next gen from the same line.

    I would like to point out to M.K. that they are far from free, you have to pay with points, and it can get pretty expensive.

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    the wii...cause its the cheapest and is the only console which can be modded which saves u even further money. the 360 has good graphics but it comes with the red lights of doom. the ps3 has almost the same graphics as the 360 but its much more expnsive.

    the final answer:WII!!!

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