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Thread: Are Sony Dvd-R generally good for Wii Use?

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    Are Sony Dvd-R generally good for Wii Use?

    My local stores don't carry Verbatim or any exceptional Dvd-R, So I was wondering, would Sony be a good disc to use? And can poor Dvd-R really affect your Wii's laser?

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    easiest thing to do is put a blank in the computer and start imgburn and look at Disc ID, that will state who made it. If it is a CMC Magnetic pressing, toss in in the garbage, if MCC/TY/G05/whatever, you have a better quality disc

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    That's nice to know, But I'd like to know if the discs are okay before I blow $20 on them. I know the Memorex is crap, There are little bubbles in the plastic and the Wii sounds like it's about to die when it tries reading them.

    I won't be using the DVD-R for Wii games, Just Gamecube since they won't work on WFBS.

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    It is impossible to know who pressed the blanks without buying them first, hence my previous statement. If they are shoddy, take them back for a refund

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    I can take them back? I didn't know they'd accept it.

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    maybe, check the store return policy to be sure

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    Most stores will be fine with returns - just say something like "these didn't work for me" lol.

    Unless you bought it from a discount store...

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    It was Wal-Mart...We live in a small town...Don't judge me. Lol.

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    Sony makes ok dvd media, a good second choice, as long as it's manufactured by Sony. If you can find any Sony 8x media would be better, Sony used TY to manufacture their 8x media.

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    What do you mean with TY?

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