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Thread: wii64 and classic controller pro problems

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    wii64 and classic controller pro problems

    I have the licensed by nintendo black classic pro and when I try to run 64games I can get the start (+) button a and b buttons but no joystick or anything else to work. I have the wii64 1.1 and cant figure out why it wont work. I have the input set to the correct pad, the little logo under slot one even shows the controller silhouette. I dont know why, any Ideas?

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    seriously, no one has any ideas?

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    What version are you using? Try this one if you don't have it already. I think that one fixes that problem.

    EDIT-I see you do have v1.1. There is a unofficial version you could try here.

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    that seemed to do the trick. Thank you so much!


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