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Thread: Hard drive wont auto mount

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    Hard drive wont auto mount

    I'm having a small issue. Its not game breaking but it is annoying.

    So when I go to CFG it doesn't auto load my HDD it makes me select it. I uploaded a video of the error below. any Ideas how to fix it? Should I reformat it with the Wii?

    Usb drive error - YouTube

    I tried syncing it once and it didn't do anything except wipe my sons SD card I think.

    If this is in the wrong section can a mod move it please? Thanks.

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    - On your PC navigate to the sd/usb-loader folder and edit the settings.cfg file using notepad. Find the line that says usb partition = WBFS1 and change it to usb partition = FAT1 then save it. That should fix you up

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    That did it! Thank you so much!!!


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