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Thread: lost boot mii back up, Cios 223 wont install. 4.3e wii

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    lost boot mii back up, Cios 223 wont install. 4.3e wii

    Hi. I have tried downloading and installing hermies and I believe a few other cios installers that have been reccomended and I either get a black screen on the wii or after you click the cios 249 part to then load the new cios it just freezes and when I press any button on any of my remotes the battery light will simply flash.

    I have lost my bootmii back up due to reformatting the pc a few times since.

    I have noticed when trying to use configerable usb loader it says that 249 needs to be reinstalled.
    Most of my back ups work off my hard drive formatted to fat32 but some only work every now and again and my beatles rock band obviously wont allow the mic to work.

    I installed homebrew a year or two again using indianna pwns after installing mario brothers or something that updated the wii and lost all my homebrew and Wasabi Dx mod chip capabilities.
    Since then I guess its been fine

    Its just lately Ive need the mic to work and it wont.
    Ive tried following the guides and no luck there.
    Im wondering if I should attempt to start again from scratch. Format the sd card, reinstall the modpack and just make sure I keep the indianna pwns files on the sd card. (will have to follow the guide again)
    Im currently downloading Modpack PAL E and CIOS pack V6 in anticipation pf having to do this.

    to recap, No cios install works.
    USB Loader GX works fine and all back ups come up.
    Using WFBS manager 3 to install my games on to the hard drive and a seagate drive, segmented and formatted to fat32 using partition magic

    If theres anything else I should need to put here for any advice let me know and I'll try and get the information.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Sounds like you should just re-mod your wii using this guide
    then you'll be up to date and good to go.

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