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Thread: PSIO - Play PS1 games from SD/HDD

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    PSIO - Play PS1 games from SD/HDD

    Exciting stuff:

    "Have you ever wanted to play games from an SD card or Hard Disk Drive, and not from the CD-ROM on the Sony PlayStation 1 game console?
    Well Project PSIO is a team dedicated to do just this."

    PSIO info here
    Wii64/WiiSX Hard Drive Fix

    4.2u/ bootmii-boot2/ cfg usb loader v60/ Hermes Uloader 5.1D (for WW/VC)/ IOS 249 Rev 17/ IOS 222-223 v4/ IOS 224 v5.1/ 320gb Transcend HDD/ Darkwii System Menu Theme

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