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Thread: Dsi XL soft mod help quick please!

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    Dsi XL soft mod help quick please!

    Hi my little brother has a dsi XL I was wondering if there is a way to softmod it using an sd card meaning no flash cart or ace kard or whatever

    is there a way to play back ups and emulators or homebrew without a flash cart?
    please reply soon thanks!

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    Nope..... you need a flash card!

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    thanks for the reply, damn that stinks, whats the best flash card for ds?

    and if you dont mind, is there a flash card for 3ds where i can play homebrew and ds back ups but still be able to play actual store bought 3ds games without complications
    would i be able to have both the mods and be able to play 3ds store bought games at the same time?> thanks

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    super card ds two is what i use and it works on the 3ds it has a built in snes and gba emulator and you can ply your ds backups on it on ds and 3ds but not 3ds backups and yes you can still play your dsi ware etc

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    sweet thats nice to hear
    is there any future in store for this card? can you update it if they ever have a way to back up 3ds? or have they been releasing updates or will i have to buy a new card eventually maybe ill wait.


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