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Thread: iso Game asks for an Update?

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    iso Game asks for an Update?

    So i bought my wii modded with a chip, i then updated it to 4.3U to play another game and lost my modding, recently i remodded it using a softmod from the homebrew chanel
    Now ive been playing .iso games just fine, burning them onto a DVD-R and everything.

    Im not 100% sure its softmodded because the homebrew chanel doesnt really load, well just the bubbles floating load...

    Anyways, when i try to run Tiger WOods PGA Tour 12 it asks for an update which i refuse...

    So my question is, can i update it or should i use a "wiibrickbreaker" to make the game not update?


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    im not sure about the update part but the reason the homebrew channel only shows bubbles is because you need to put apps on it (emulators and stuff like that)

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    Does priiloader work with mod,chips? You can use that to disable the updates

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    Im trying to install Gecko OS, i think that might be it?

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