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    Update Wii

    I'm having a little problem. My Wii has been softmodded for over a year or so now. Never had any problems untill my mom wanted U-Sing 2 so I downloaded it for her but the songs skip a lot and go really slow. I figured it had to do with it not being able to read fast enough from my HD, so I advised her to buy the game instead. She did but now the Wii system software needs to be updated for the bloody game, and the softmod is blocking the update process. Over the last year I lost my NAND backup so I can't restore my Wii to pre-softmod either.

    What can I do?

    Thanks for your time.

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    No need your NAND. Follow the famous guide Softmod ANY Wii

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    My wii is already softmodded, I want to upgrade the System version.

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    Again, follow the anywii guide. It will get everything you need. If you need to know more, read the newbies thread.


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