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Thread: Hi Every one - and a quick question to moderators :)

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    Hi Every one - and a quick question to moderators :)

    Hi every one

    I would just like to ask why mods here are quick to jump the gun ? , and no i am not having a go is just a question as i can fully understand the answer behind it

    I asked if usb loader had a limit on how many games it could spot as read wiiflow does for a mod to tell me i am a pirate (linked me to youtube ) and to read the rules , i can assure you i have read the rules and piracy is a big no , no here

    However does me asking a question make me a pirate ?

    How do you know i am not rich and i have loads of wii games , never heard of cash converters or cex or even supermarkets selling games second hand ? , don't have to be loaded to get games , they sell most for as little as just 3 in the uk

    Rant over and cheers for the softmod guide it was a godsend as having young children who scratch and snap my discs in half this has been a life saver

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    Cuds, I'm also in the UK and I also use this site on a daily basis, I agree you don't have to be rich to own many games. You can pick up games at boot sales etc: But in the defence of mods, If you visit regularly you will see the crazy posts that pop up from time to time. To keep the site clean they sweep the piracy threads. I guess this is to keep authorities off our backs as long as possible. So please don't be to grouchy, It's for our own good. ( you must have seen the Megaupload news)
    I will welcome your comments without malice. I am just an enthusiastic wii noob myself. Also a pal user, I do not use wiiflow. I'm strictly CFG & GX But in answer to your question I have found that the more games you have on your hard drive the longer the initial 'Search' pre read is. I would imagine just like a pc.
    Enjoy the site and enjoy your Wii

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    What, you didnt like the pirate video? I thought it was funny.

    The answer to your question is that when formatted to WBFS, there is a maximum number of games, at 500. I am not aware of any limitations for FAT32 or NTFS; it would likely be within the loader itself rather than intrinsic to the filsystem.

    To the point, even at the prices you indicated, it would seem very ..... lets be kind and say.... unlikely that a legit user could hit 500 titles. That would be 1500, if every title you bought was at the incredible 3 price. It's not worth arguing the point, and grandpa was exactly correct. If we want this site to remain up, we need to remain free from threat of takedown.


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    Lmao bluphant yes i did like the video , and i wasn't really saying i was going to put over 500+ games on it that would be bonkers , i was just curious as i didn't want to overload it , ie make it freeze due to looking for tons of games

    Grandpa1959 thanks for your comment also , and i agree would be a shame for the site to close due to silly posts , cheers guys

    I am also using cfg wiiflow didn't like that i have a ntfs hard drive it wouldn't spot it as just made a folder called wbfs and popped my games inside via wii backup manager , cfg spots it and works fine , thanks for the info


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