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Thread: Black Wii has a "gag reflex" apparently

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    Black Wii has a "gag reflex" apparently

    So I got a Wii recently (one of the newfangled black ones without BC... or common sense) and a few games. I made a backup of 'em with a dumper using the Wii itself, but I have quite a few old Gamecube games I'd like to make a backup of as well. I'm also lucky enough to own one of the very few (apparently) drives that the PC-based dumpers works with, but some of my more beaten up GC titles can't dump properly. (They play fine on the original GC hardware, though)

    As alluded to in the title of the thread, I notice that my Wii vomits Gamecube disks back out. Did they change the Wii drives to reject Gamecube discs completely, or does the Wii just spit them out while still being able to read them? If the latter, is there any way to stop the Wii from spitting them out so I can dump 'em?

    I'm tired so this message probably makes no sense. Reader beware.

    inb4 the answer is 2 threads below mine as is usually the case whenever i post anything anywhere

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    Well you have a new wii with no gc ports so why are you trying anyway...... lol

    I have not heard anything about the new wii not taking gc discs though....

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    why would you think it would take gamecube disks when there is no BC? also how were you planning on using a gamecube controller if you managed to get it to work?


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