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Thread: Wii freezes when inserting a Gamecube game. HELP!!

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    Wii freezes when inserting a Gamecube game. HELP!!

    Since softmoding my wii over a year ago, I have not played any gamecube games on it. I tried today to play a Gamecube game and my wii froze and made a horrible buzzing noise at the wii menu. I've tried all of my gamecube games to no avail. This is horrifying! I've tried removing my SD card with all of my hacks on it, but that changes nothing. Is there something I have to do in priiloader that can resolve this??

    I have a 4.3u wii, priiloader v.0.7, homebrew, and bootmii/ hackmii installer.

    Please help! :(

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    FIXED!!!! Had to enable region-free gamecube games. I didn't think I had to since it isn't a game from another region......


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