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Thread: starfall questions

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    Cool starfall questions

    Hi. I have the twilight hack installed and have 3.3u on my wii. Have a couple of questions.

    If I downgrade to 3.2u and install starfall, does the skip disc upgrade option skip the disc upgrade checks on original/retail games purchased from stores?

    I.E. if I buy a game from Gamestop, will starfall prevent the game from updating my firmware?

    If the answer is yes, I am assuming that means that I won't be able to play that game on my wii without updating and I'll have to look for it somewhere on the net to download?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    no your original games will load fine but you really should downgrade to 3.2

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    its a kinda thing, it will prevent you from updating and some might need a special update but you can easily get it

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    Guys, thanks for the quick replies. If I downgrade to 3.2u, are there certain channels that are on my wii now that won't work? I currently have the mii channel and the wii fit channel functioning. Thanks.

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    yes, but install Cios 37, and it should be fixed

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    you can still use your channels you will have to install some wads that prevent it from updating go to the FAQ/Tutorials fourm theres a thread there on it i beleive

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    Hi i have a problem each time i run starfall i get an error that says


    does anyone know what this means?
    please help much appreciated!

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    are you using firmware 3.2?

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    You will always be able to install separate updates with WAD Manager. Search the forums for the specific game updates (IOS) when you need them.

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    yea i am using 3.2...but heres the thing....i have the back up channel that reads back ups and it seems to work fine...but i havent tried playing a back up game. when i do ill get back at u guys thanx anyways.


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