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Thread: Hello. Help needed loading genuine game save file, when now using softmodded game.

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    Question Hello. Help needed loading genuine game save file, when now using softmodded game.

    Hello everyone, am new to the forum and forst of all i'd like to thank everyone for all the great info theyve taken the time to write/upload, its been really useful.

    Am running a softmodded wii having used mauifrog's guide, (special thanks especially to that guy!).

    The problem i'm having is with a DK returns save file. I used to own a normal/legit/retail? copy of the game, until it got scratched beyond repair, and so was very happy when i found that i was able to recently redownload the game. i then went to contiue the game where i left off and it wont let me.

    I have the original game file on my SD card, however whenever i try to move the file over to the wii it comes up with 'you must first play the game....'. This is despite it already having a save file from the new 'softmodded version'. I have tried playing past a certain point/deleting the new save file altogther and everything inbetween.

    some help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    The release has to be identical (region/etc) for savegames to work. It sounds like you might have gotten a different copy of the game than the one u were initially playing.


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    ahh, that could well be a possibility. i will check that now. thank you very much.


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