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Thread: Hardware fault or bricked

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    Hardware fault or bricked

    Our second Wii has stopped working - it's in the kids room, so I cannot rule out anything!

    The Wii will power up & down, but there is no drive initialisation, and no screen output. The blue 'message light' is fixed on. I can't try starting from wiimote as they have been sync'd to the Wii downstairs.

    I did try the bluetooth, Wifi & drive in the other unit, and they all work as expected.

    The Wii has been softmodded, with Priiloader - but can't get into Priiloader by holding reset. Also tried SaveMii - but still nothing on the screen.

    Is it dead - or a corrupt nand?


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    Do you have bootmii installed as boot2 if at all? take out any discs, sd cards, and unplug any usb devices. Does the drive flash once or twice when you power it on?

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes it has bootmii as boot2, no flashes. Can't load any discs (no drive function at all), no sd card inserted, all usb devices unplugged. There aren't any flashes - just fixed blue light as soon as power light turns green. I take nand backups whenever I make any updates or changes, so have got plenty to choose from.

    I was going to try and recover with infectus - but just haven't had the time so far.

    Just noticed that another member (cweller) has a very similar issue with his Wii!!
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