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Thread: Need some help with my R4 Card please ( DS Lite )

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    Need some help with my R4 Card please ( DS Lite )

    Alrite people i have just managed to get my hands on one of my old R4 cards that is running on TTMenu ( I Know Its Old ) and started updating the list of games that work on that card.

    My Daughter said she was playing sims 3 on her friends ds so i went ahead and downloaded it for her to play on her card but i get the error code when it tries to load up from the game menu, looked around for a while but nothing really showing up on how to get it to work so thought i would ask here

    Is there a new firmware system out for the card or is there a file i can download to get the game to work, not had a problem with any other games so far but maybe am well behind on the cards now.

    Any help would be very appreciated and maybe a point in the right direction if i have to buy a newer card would be very helpful.

    Thanks peeps !!!!

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    There is lots of r4 cards mate, and clones. Is the web address on the chip? Or in your firmware/ micro sd card.

    Otherwise try the r4 website, and hopefully it's not a clone.

    Sorry I can not help you more, I know it's a pain trying to find the firmware to the card, but when you do, save the address.

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    Read the rules ... there is no support for pirated downloads....

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