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Thread: general chit chat about wii apps

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    general chit chat about wii apps

    I wounder if it is possible to make an app so the usb loader would read rar files, so we all could fit a few more games onto the hard drive. I know it would be much better just to get a bigger hard drive, but i think it would be great just to put the rar file onto it with out extracting them. I know that theres a risk of virus in side them but sure we could scan them before moving them onto the drive, well its just an idea i thought my be it is possible.

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    The .wbfs file wouldn't be any smaller in rar format anyhow

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    Rar files will not really compress the files (maybe by 1mb at most lol) so I don't see any point in doing this.


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    oh well then thats out the window lol


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