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Thread: Issues with loading screens and Gamecube Backups info?

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    Issues with loading screens and Gamecube Backups info?

    So I have two questions I want to ask about. I couldn't figure out where to place this, and I did look, so admins please redirect this or me as needed. Thanks.

    Question 1:

    Following this guide this guide on youtube by microwavesam - How To Hack Any Nintendo Wii 4.3 - Homebrew Channel (Letterbomb) Ultimate Tutorial Part 1/2/3

    I installed homebrew and set up Wii Games on a external hard drive using the instrucstions he gave.

    I have two USB loaders installed - GX and Configurable.

    I mainly use GX but when I do it often stalls on a loading screen and never loads so I need to reset the wii.

    I couldn't find anything one this issue online so I asked here. ^_^

    So, help please?

    Question 2:

    I want to play GameCube games as well Wii games. Sadly every where I look says I need to burn the games on a disc. Issue for me is that I have a black wii that i got just last year so it won't play burn discs.

    I've tried finding something for this but kept getting burn disc posts.

    I'm betting there are a million posts here but I couldn't find any.

    As stated above I used the guide to install homebrew and before I saw it was for burned discs I used LINK REMOVED for "GameCube Backups" so that is installed as well.

    Again the issue is my wii won't play burn discs.

    My Wii is completely softmod, will not hardmod it.

    Has a mod been created to allow gamecube iso to be played from a usb port yet?

    If so please, please, please link a understandable guide for it.

    Thank you
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    something wrong with following our guides here on THIS forum and not a failtube video?

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    I just told you what to do in the last thread that I closed.

    1. Go post an intro post in the introduce yourself section.
    2. Wait for a reply and you will be greeted with a bunch of info and links. (read some yourself while waiting by looking at the useful links below)
    3. You will most likely want to follow the softmod any wii guide to get your wii softmodded correctly.

    And BTW no you can not play gamecube games from usb, unless you buy a sundriver or wode.

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    You were just issued an infraction telling you not to post outside links. You just copied and pasted the exact same post that was closed and removed ONE of the links. Get your head out of your butt and do some reading before that is all you are allowed to do on this site.


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