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Thread: Issues with loading screens and Gamecube Backups info?

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    Question Issues with loading screens and Gamecube Backups info?

    So I have two questions I want to ask about. I couldn't figure out where to place this, and I did look, so admins please redirect this or me as needed. Thanks.

    Question 1:

    Following this guide:


    I installed homebrew and set up Wii Games on a external hard drive.

    I have two USB loaders installed - GX and Configurable.

    I mainly use GX but when I do it often stalls on a loading screen and never loads so I need to reset the wii.

    I couldn't find anything one this issue online so I asked here. ^_^

    So, help please?

    Question 2:

    I want to play GameCube games as well Wii games. Sadly every where I look says I need to burn the games on a disc. Issue for me is that I have a black wii that i got just last year so it won't play burn discs.

    I've tried finding something for this but kept getting burn disc posts.

    I'm betting there are a million posts here but I couldn't find any.

    As stated above I used the guide to install homebrew and before I saw it was for burned discs I used for "GameCube Backups" so that is installed as well.

    Again the issue is my wii won't play burn discs.

    My Wii is completely softmod, will not hardmod it.

    Has a mod been created to allow gamecube iso to be played from a usb port yet?

    If so please, please, please link a understandable guide for it.

    Thank you
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    We do not support guides that are not guides. I recommend posting an intro post in the introduce yourself section, then following the link to the softmod any wii guide.


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