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Thread: update on tourny and other important things!

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    update on tourny and other important things!

    Recently, ive noticed more and more and more and more and more and guess what more problems. thats not really a problem but what is... is the simple fact we recently redid the faq section, and most questions can be answered by one of those guides, in addition... most people are giving less and less info!

    today i saw a post
    "game freezes help!"
    "when i talk to the guy, my game freezes" *or something close to that*

    come on, how is anyone gonna figure out your problem from what =\ i just want to remind people 99.9% of the problems have been answered here atleast once, and i dont personally like everyone asking for Step by Steps! if you always depend on someone like me maping out the most BASIC of tasks *im serious, someone asked me how to get their gamesave from the wii, in a step by step!* then this stuff isnt for you.

    this software, and hacking is a risk, and if you dont want to brick your wii, or are afrade its gonna happen every time you do something, then this isnt for you! it does happen, and almost anything can do it....
    .(modderman>>Then a top brand Modchip would be the way to go)

    on the tourny
    I plan on posting the official topic soon, just need to hammer out the Cash to Where issue =P, but heres the basic jest of it! oh and if someone wants to make a team speak, or Skype conference call thing, feel free though im not sure if ill join in personally. DX

    found cheating = Ban, from tourny and the forum
    all Karts usable
    all bikes usable
    all stages random no stage favoritism i dont want to see rainbow road picked 20 times, so newer people get screwed to the max, not picking random 3+ times = auto lose
    entry 5 usd to a paypal account

    to enter
    pm or post the name you paid under, your racer name *like im my Case admiral*, friend code, and finally location *so i can keep track of which bracket*

    idea for matchs
    2 different time zones, 1 for like 7 pm est, and one for 5 am est *subject to change based off main region of the foreigners*
    top 3 from each set, advance, then based off how many people 3 or 2, and keep going in that set, till we get 6 or so people in the end, and the top of them = winner

    75% of the pot
    special forum title
    and a award

    also i will be doing a 1 week trivia event, the basic idea for that *probly starting tommorow* is...
    ill take a pic of my screen, and the first to get what game is the game in the disc channel, wins but has to do the next game, the person with the final unanswered pic wins, and person with the most right wins something too...

    the trivia even if still a idea, not sure if ill 100% do that but thats my plan =P, sorry is this sounds bad or anything, im not in the best mood as of late Y-Y

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