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Thread: someone come kick this noob in the right direction please

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    someone come kick this noob in the right direction please

    hi im adey i introduced myself a while back and a kindly mod welcomed me and gave me a load of nice links to get me going so i investigated what i was doing got some bottle up [we got this wii for our daughter for xmas were dirt poor and im VERY scared of bricking it] and i installed the homebrew channel did the bootmii thing for the nand back up etc saved that to sd and pc hard drive [incase pc crashes] and then the homebrew browser and its all good. what i would like to know is as my back up i have a folder called bootmii with two more folders inside with weird single charecters as names witch are apparently empty a keys bin file of 1kb and a nand bin file of 540673kb stored on sd and pc hard drive, is the empty files proof ive MESSED it up somehow or does it not read on pc as its written in wii?
    and my next question regards
    as i said at the top i allredy have hbc and hbb and have downloaded a few brew games [ironing maiden, swingball,sketchfight] im on system menue 4.3e did it with letterbomb and now i want to add a hard drive and play games through that, i know i need a loader but there seems like ive read so much about bricks from ios's being wrong and such that im second guessing sTUFF i dont understand what im trying to say is this is my back up ok? do i need to do all that patch ios stuff to do the hard drive thing? do i need priiloader, do i need bootmii on my wiis sd card[read differnt in diff. places] and will the things [bootmii hbb hbc 3 brew games] i have allready done conflict with any of the things i need to do? oh and one last one can i drop a game onto a 2gb sd card and play it through the homebrew channel? i have been reading all over and i think im at info overload coupled to the fact i dont really understand what im doing
    thanks for taking the time to read and if you can point me right id be verry gratefull
    or you could flame me which could also be fun! just not dead productive
    cheers peeps
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    You should follow the softmod any wii guide to get everything you will need to play backup games from your hdd. Start from the spoiler that says softmods with homebrew channel already installed. Since you already have a nand backup you can probably skip that too, but it wouldn't hurt to make another one.

    There is a link to the guide in the spoiler below.

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    i see that i swore and it has been moderated thanks for that i didnt even realise id typed it im just thinking and banging the keyboard i have read the forum rules and do realise its not acceptable
    i wrote tyis post after another thanking 420 for his help but it seems to have gone missing?

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    You should have a bootmii folder containing 3 files: armboot.bin (50kb), bootmii.ini (1kb), and ppcboot.elf (309kb). Your nand.bin does not go inside the bootmii folder, but should be 560673kb.

    It sounds like you have confused yourself more than figured things out. I suggest you read the "must read for noobs" link at the top of my signature before you do anything else. Once you have looked through that them maybe you will want to proceed with the softmod any wii guide linked at the bottom of my signature. Having homebrew channel and some apps is NOT a modded wii, but it will allow you to play homebrew games. If you plan on playing wii games from hdd then you need to mod your wii by following that guide. If you want to be lazy and just make sure your bootmii files and nand are ok then you can simply download the hackmii installer and run it through HBC. Use it to install bootmii again and it will prepare your sd card with the correct bootmii files, then make another nand backup.

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    first of all, let me say thanks to both of you for your helpfull replies, i know it can be frustrating schooling the new as i used to do it on thctalk.
    i have found the files you named in my pc hard drive i now have;
    keys.bin 1kb
    nand.bin 540673kb [528mb according to the pp up label]
    armboot.bin 49kb
    ppcboot.elf 309kb
    bootmii- cant see the file name, but it opens into a a notepad doc [1kb] this is it

    # BootMii config file

    # Video mode, possible settings:

    # Autoboot, possible settings:

    # Autoboot delay, in seconds:
    # Default is 5

    so those are the right files, then. But my nand seems a bit light according to the value you gave up in your post, also i have 49kb in my armboot file which should be 50? allthough i dont see why theyre wrong [corrupted?] as i followed the softmod guide [] and i ran the bootmii program, got the green badblock count thing, it ran itself through again afterwards repairing bad blocks and such [so the screen prompt said] which is where i got theses files which are looking to be light :[ so now im worried about that
    so the advice is run bootmii again yes?
    get hackmii running again yes?
    as i allready have hb channel and browser is the method still the same? letterbomb first then follow the prompts again?
    also as i said i follwed mauiifrog anywii guide on here but didnt do part 2 [the mod pack] i got the hbb from a friend on sd which is all working properly as i have had 3 games from there
    can i not just download from the hbb the apps i will need to play from hdd or am i just betteroff installing the modpack rather than an individual loader from the hbb?
    ioss and cioss and wads and such i dont understand any of that really, i barely know enough to use xp properly and do i need to do anything with them to install say gx loader from hbb? let me phrase that better, the mod pack is large and scary the guide has so many warnings about bricks and such in it and as far as i understand ill end up wiyh multiple loaders media players ios wads etc im learning how to use it i dont really want multiple ways of doing the same thing do i?
    so just toput a disc [game] that i physically have to hdd and play from there what do i need the mod pack or just a loader and somethingt else?
    as i said before thank you all for reading and replying i have read all the links and guides regarding softmodding but i suppose ive just got to information overload stage and its not really going in anymore
    so do i do bootmii again? is it a problem that i have hbb hbc and 3 games on now? [possible conflict or will it just overwrite itself]
    do i NEED the mod pack or can i just get a loader?
    thanks all of you adey
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    First off, you might want to add some punctuation and spaces to that wall of text. I couldn't even make it all the way through.

    If you made it through the nand backup, follow the rest of the guide carefully and you will be fine. 540,673kb is the correct size of you nand.bin file. I think skellinator had a misprint.

    If you have any more questions ask in the guide you are following.

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    ok mate thankyou,
    i was just worried about 1] my back up, which with your two's help ive resolved and 2] installing the mod pack over the home brew browser and games. as you both are telling me to carry on and are both mods id say thats concrete advice. thanx again.
    i cleaned up my last post so it looks a bit like english i was rushing out etc etc


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