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Thread: GC mutli-game disc burning (resident evil 4 in particular)

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    GC mutli-game disc burning (resident evil 4 in particular)

    Hi there, after many many years, drops, scratches my Resident evil 4 disc 2 died (disc 1 died long time ago).
    My friend was cute enough to lend me his copy of it, so I used CleanRip to rip the discs in to my computer, and now i have them here.

    I first did a burn, using multigameiso creator to make both discs on 1, but now when I try to launch either of them, the screen just goes black after "Neogamma Backup GC launcher".
    (yes I use neogamma)

    So in order to avoid wasting more Verbatim DVD-Rs, how should I burn this?

    Appreciate all the help and I hope this kind of thread is allowed, seeing it as I obtained the rip's legally (imo atleast)

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    Hopefully you have been searching all day and found this guide already.
    Ofcourse I have, but it mentions nothing about multi-disc burning, and RE4 is listed as working on the compatibility chart.

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    If you have 2 discs for the game, then you have 2 ISO/gcm files. Burn each ISO/gcm file separate.

    Use IMGburn to burn GameCube backup discs, IMGburn may very well be the
    best image/ISO burning software available. Tayio Yuden or Verbatim (with the Azo dye) are
    recommended, DVD +R or DVD -R can be used. If you use any other brand then
    stick with the DVD -R. If you have a crappy DVD burner (factory installed burner)
    then stick with DVD -R. When burning DVD +R then set book type to DVD ROM.
    Do not use Verbatim Lifeseries line of media, it is junk.

    - Install IMGburn
    - right click on the image (ISO/gcm) file to be burned.
    - select "burn using IMGburn"
    - select your burning speed, I recommend 4X
    - select "verify burn"
    - now burn your disc

    While your disc is burning (burning a DVD is very delicate)

    - make sure your screen saver or virus scanner don't start running.
    - do not multi task, such as run other programs or surf the web
    - go get a sandwhich or something while burning, just leave your mouse alone.

    If your backups are not working and you failed to use the recommended blank DVD media then do not ask why your backups are not working.


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