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Thread: black screen of death

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    black screen of death

    i have softmodd my wii about 2 years ago using your guide but last 2 week i had a black screen the sytem light is green and i can go to priiloader v0.3b . iosv70 but my wii controllers do not sync or work to select any options my bootmii was installed as ios and not as boot2 this modyfy has been done a few year ago ..

    please help me a black screen i press the reset and it takes me to priiloader but my wii controlls dop not work

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    If u cannot switch the wii on with the wiimote then the blutooth module is probably bad so u should probably try that first

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    i have old bluebooth and i install a new one already but still no luck can i use a gc contrller to select the items on the priiloader

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    ok i bougth a gc controller to select item on priiloader and when i go to hc htis is what happens

    error autobooting hbc maybe not installed

    when i go to hackmii v.o.6
    hc: can be installed
    dvdx can be installed
    bootmii can on install as ios

    when i go to system menu black screen non og my wii controllers work using a gc controller ..

    i have swaped the bluetooh chip and still does the same ..i have a nand copy backup

    i did no updated or changes to the sysytem .. please help me
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    thank you i got it to work setting in the priiloader and it worked fine


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