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    Wii games

    I have my wii modded and i do buy pirated wii games. but my friend recently got his wii modded too and he burns his own wii games. so i am trying to do this too and i looked around and found some 4.7 gb dvd's. the dvd's are +R and my friend states that only -R work. should i get some new dvd's or will these ones work?

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    + works - works better
    just download and burn and hope for the best

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    +R will work, but you might find it takes longer to load and video might be choppy

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    its suggested that the verbatim DVD-R works better due to the dye they use to make them,

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    thanks i burned my first game yesterday and it played just fine. but now i read that +r cuts the wii's lifespan because the laser has trouble reading the dvd or something. is this true?

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    they say that, but its not really overly proven how much if any really

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