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Thread: N00b looking for clarifications

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    Question N00b looking for clarifications

    Hello everyone,
    New to the Wii modding community, not new to console modding. I've been reading quite a bit and I haven't come up with a clear answer. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

    Wii is runnin 3.4U

    Installed Wii channel (Through Zelda)
    I can load homebrew apps no prob throught the new Homebrew channel.

    I attempted to burn a game (ISO) using imgburn at 2X on 2 different DVD's. (I know Verbatime is recommended, however in most posts, many people claim that it doesn't really matter)
    Tried Maxell -R and a no name -R
    Both tell me disc is unreadable when inserted in the Wii.

    1- Am I having this issue because of the 3.4U firmware in the Wii (Should I revert to 3.3)?

    2 - Do I run the DVD through the regular DVD channel? or do I need a homebrew OS to launch the game from?

    3- I know you need specific brands of drives to extract and backup games, but is it the same to burn the images?

    Thanks to all the guru's who will take the time to teach me.


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    i agree, but its best to avoid fights =P

    could be, fake signed games dont work but that shouldnt be a problem in your case
    you run via Softmod or gamma or ISO loader program/channel *in homebrew or you installed*
    ^ might help

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    Do you have a modchip or are you trying some backup loader through homebrew?

    Make sure your ISO is 4,699,979,776 bytes, else it's a fake.

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