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Thread: Worried I doing it right?

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    Unhappy Worried I doing it right?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm of course, a n00b with modding my Wii, I've done what these youtube vids said (in order):

    How to hack ANY 4.3 Wii WITHOUT any games! [LetterBomb] - YouTube
    How to Softmod ANY 4.3 Wii [The BEST Tutorial!] - YouTube
    How to Softmod ANY 4.3 Wii [The BEST Tutorial!] - YouTube
    HMN - Softmod Wii 4.3 Without A Game (LetterBomb) - YouTube

    I re-softmodded the Wii because I didnt' install BootMii and thought that may be the reason why some of my Gamecube games won't run,
    but of course, after joining this forum, I realized that I can't fully trust everything what the vids said, which worries me a lot, I should have looked further and did those guides here instead of the youtube way before softmodding my wii... -.- *goes to corner of shame*

    I use a 4.3U 1st Gen. Wii, the Wii games are running great from the burned DVD-Rs (especially European and Japanese Wii games). But the Gamecube games are questionable, very indeed...
    for example, Bloody Roar Primal Fury is a PAL game in which I burned to my DVD and it gives me a black screen with audio on, and the screen goes crazy in black and white. I tried everything like, setting it to PAL50/60, Force Video to Wii with NeoGamma, etc. etc. etc...

    Not sure if it's my TV, the way I softmodded my Wii, or is it because an HDD would be preferable.
    I was wondering if I could try loading this GC gave with my HDD... I hope this is comprehendable... HELP A NOOB OUT? >__<
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    Big mistake following youtube Vids. We call them failtube vids.
    Follow this-->
    And you'll have an up to date softmodded wii.

    NOTE: I am going to remove the links to the youtube guides.

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    Thanks a bunch, kind sir! I shall read the guide and carefully follow it! Hopefully this will solve my Wii's problems.


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