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Thread: Is there a reason to use Mauifrog instead of ModMii?

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    Us Is there a reason to use Mauifrog instead of ModMii?

    I'm a new Wii owner. I've spent nearly two weeks now lurking around this site, reading every guide I can find and slowly starting to understand the ins and outs of softmodding, including its more technical aspects. (Still fuzzy on a lot of those, but that's beside the point.) I have, of course, seen eleventy-zillion links to Mauifrog's guide, and have read that a dozen times. I also came across ModMii, and checked that out. I downloaded the installer and ran it out of curiosity, to see what it did.

    Clearly people here have a strong preference for the Mauifrog guide; I get that. However, is there a good reason not to use ModMii? Would it give me a different end result than Mauifrog would? It's such a convenient package and I don't have to download any files myself; that's pretty nice.

    I'm fine with using Mauifrog instead of ModMii, but I really wish someone could explain why I should be doing that.

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    Yes Modmii is great, no denying that. But if you really want to get involved in the softmodding process,
    then Maui's guide is the way to go. After all, when you truly get involved in something, that's when you
    truly begin to learn about it.

    Besides, Mauifrog is a total legend, and Maui and his guides will always have pride of place here at WiiHacks.

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    Mauifrog's guide is kind of like a DIY softmod, while ModMii just does the work for you.

    Use ModMii if you want to get the job done quickly and don't really want to get too involved in the process.

    Use Mauifrog's guide if you want to learn a little more about what is going on in your wii and which things you are installing.

    I did not use any of these (did it ages ago with another guide) but I guess I would go with Mauifrog's guide as I like to do things myself.

    Also, you learn a little about cIOSs from that guide, so it really pays off if you need to install one later on.

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    Mauifrog forces you to learn a thing or 2 actually and Modmii does it all for you pretty much(both work every time I must say as long as you follow the instructions and dont skip anything)

    But If I hadnt used Mauifrog guide first I think I would have been a little lost using Modmii

    For a first timer like I was a very short time ago I would at least read through Mauifrog posts

    Best Of Luck

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    Modmii also doesn't install all the brick prevention and recovery data that Maui's guide does. Maui's guide wasn't just created for ease of use, but with the users in mind. The last time he stated, I beleive he said his guide has only bricked 3 Wii's to his knowledge, and I believe 2 of those were user error.

    He prided himself in creating a set up that was easy to follow, as safe as possible, and as recoverable as he could make it.

    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here



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