hi guys.

bit of a conundrum. i have a few games in ntsc, and they wont launch in force-pal60 (im using an rgb scart cable). when launching in force pal60, using various patches for video, i end up with a blank screen, and either a complete freeze, requiring a full reset, or it stops loading on a black screen, and reloads the wii menu.

if i dont force pal60, the game comes out red (WTF?), which left for example, metroid prime 1, unplayable ("orange targets can be scanned......").

monster hunter tri, the conduit and skyward sword work with force-pal60.

metroid prime trilogy and zelda twilight princess exhibit the issue mentioned.

heres some relevant info:
pal wii on 4.1e
homebrew channel 1.0.8 ios58 v24.32
usbloader gx v2.3 ios249 (rev 21007) (d2x v7final base 56)

configurable usb loader v70 ios249 base ios56 d2x v7final mload v1.0
(cfg usbloader ios listings from settings>ios:
ios222 base:38 hermes v4 (r4)
ios223 base:75 hermes v4 (r4)
ios224 base:57 hermesrodries v6 (r65535)
ios245-248 not installed
ios249 base:56 d2x v7final (r21007)
ios250 base:57 d2x v7final (r21007) ).

syscheck in spoiler tag:


ive tried just about every option in either loader, and looked at just about every guide to get metroid prime trilogy to work, and nothing seems to.

any help will be much appreciated.