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Thread: can't install priiloader

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    can't install priiloader

    hi There

    I have just softmoded my wii but for some reason i am unable to get priiloader to install. everytime i try i get an error stating - (ES_Identity Failed, error 42966279 ios58 not patched with ES_DIVerify?) im a bit weary about going in and messing with the mod settings in case i mess the whole thing up.

    Also every time i start the wii the multi-mod-manager v13.2 starts and i have to go to (manage priiloader) and save the settings before it will allow the wii to start up its not really a problem for me but my 6 year old also plays it and im worried he might go into the wrong menu and mess the whole thing up.

    Ant help on this would be greatly appreciated



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    install patched ios 58? remove boot.dol from the root of the sd card to stop mmm booting

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    got prii loader installed so success there but removing the boot.dol file from the root of the sd just made it unresponsive so i think i'll just leave it like that at least everything else is sorted. thanks anyway for the advice

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    Hi Jimmbo!

    Could you be so kind and post how you got it to work?
    I have the same problem with my wii system and everytime i try to install, it doesn't install and says the same error message.
    Please help!

    Best regards,
    Pedro Nery

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    Try opening the meta.xml and remove the line that says no ios reload and save. Try launching it again.

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    hey pedro sorry it took so long to get back to you but if you havent fixed your problem yet let me know and i'll get back to you


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