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Thread: My 4.2 Wii has stopped playing all wii discs.

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    My 4.2 Wii has stopped playing all wii discs.

    Hey guys, I have an issue that i cannot solve, or even begin to guess what may be causing it.

    I've been using Homebrew for about a year, and playing backups for half of one, so I'm semi-fluent in working with it.

    So The other day I was playing a dvd-r backup of Harvest moon: Animal Parade, and during a loading screen, my wii began to make sort of ticking noise, followed by an error message. I cleaned the disc and put it back in, and this time, the game would barely get to the title screen. I thought it might have been the disc itself, but i later tried to play SuperSmash Bros Brawl (Storebought) and found it too was getting error messages.
    A couple games later, I'm panicking, as my wii is now messing up on every wii disc! not to mention that awful ticking noise.

    Oddly enough, my gamecube discs work fine, as i've played Kirby Air ride and Mario Party 6 numerous times without any problems whatsoever.

    A little additional info:
    -I play my backups from Neogamma R9.
    -I almost always get error 002 when launching wii games from the disc channel.
    -If im lucky, i can play a wii game for a few minutes without getting an error.
    -I formatted my wii in panic and Remodded it over again. :/

    Any advice and helpful input is greatly appreciated, I've searched for solutions and continue to restlessly :/

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    I would guess it is probably the drive, Save yourself a load of trouble and usb load

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