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Thread: My Wii Freezes!

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    Us My Wii Freezes!

    When I talk to the guy it stats up but then freezes! What should I do?
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    give us more info, or expect to be taken as a joke =P

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    hes talking about the twilight hack that just happened to me yesterday. So if you kept picking the save file number 2 then pick number 1 and if u didn't pick number 2 first then vice verse that kept happening to me last night thats how i know what your talking about

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    i know hes talking about the twilight hack, but theres too many IF's to answer why =\

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    oh ok i was just trying to help

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    What is the setup on your SD card? Do you use the correct TP hack version? Pick the correct save file? Give us more information!

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    my wii freezes aswell it noly frezzes when i go online


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