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Thread: professor heinz wolff's gravity

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    professor heinz wolff's gravity

    I can not get this game to work on my wii.. I have tried every IOS combo out there and set video to system def. and such.... it starts up and goes to a black screen?? can anybody help...... Thanks

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    Which loader are you using?

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    Your missing some info to get help easier. Post a system check, what loader?, USB or disc loading?, maybe search blackscreen causes and solutions.

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    FYI that game runs on IOS33. Its a few years old and not problematic.

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    Im using configurable usb loader v70

    IOS56 rev20 mload v1.0

    IOS222 BASE: 38 HERMESRODRIES v6 (r65535)
    223 BASE: 38+37 v4MODMII (r4)
    224 BASE: 57 HERMESRODRIES v6 (r65535)
    245 not installed
    246 not installed
    247 BASE: ?? (r65535)
    248 BASE: ?? (r65535)
    249 BASE: 56 rev20 (r20)
    250 BASE: 58 waninkoko v21 (r65535)

    if this helps when i go to the settings in USB Loader and have it set to video: <game def.> it comes up and plays but its all black and white and fuzzy most of the other games that this happens to I just change that setting to <system def.> and it works fine


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